Elemental Evil

Prolouge to Faust

Faust was always a studious one. Ever since he was young he enjoyed school, if only to learn more and more. It was no surprise when he enrolled in the vaunted Academy to pursue his studies of the arcane and the mysteries of the multiverse. It is at the Academy that Faust met his mentor and friend, Morjin. Together these two would continue to delve deeper into the hidden secrets within the Acadamy’s archive. It was within the deepest and dustiest corners of the archive that Faust and Morjin discovered what should have lied forgotten. An ancient tome with secrets that would rewrite history. While discussing their findings, they decided they should hide the text and its knowledge, but whispers of their discovery had already been making its rounds within the Academies halls. The headmaster demanded to see the text, but the two claimed they had destroyed it. Angered for both hiding the secrets and supposedly destroying ancient knowledge, they were both excommunicated from the Academy. No sooner had they begun to distance themselves from the Academy, that a group of assassins were sent to dispatch them both. In a desperate struggle, Faust was able to escape only with the sacrifice of his friend. Morjin had also left Faust a letter, questioning why someone would leave such terrible secrets to be found. Faust now wonders, to protect the ancient text, find out its terrible origins for he and his friends sake, and to always grow his knowledge of the arcane and the multiverse. It is in his wanderings that he joined with the Harpers, who shared his ideals and allowed him to pursue his own path. Now, with news from the Harpers, he seeks to find the missing Historian, who became lost as a part of a delegation near Beliard. Ever willing to expand his influence in the Harpers to gain more knowledge and contacts, he strives forward.



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