Elemental Evil

Prologue to Kimi

Kimi tired of the relaxed life of singing songs and walking the woods. As soon as she could she left the home of her youth and went into the wider world. Her keen mind enabled her to “find” ways to sustain herself. Sometimes things stolen need to be found and returned for a price. Other times the items needed to be stolen before anyone would pay for its return. Sometimes a very not liked boss would end up dead. Then she was paid by the ex-workers and what she found after his/her untimely death. Some items gained a peculiar value to her: so she kept them. Her most prized one was what she believed was a fake Unacorn horn (not a fake).

She “found” the horn after coming upon an odd lumber camp. Sneaking around she found few trees were being cut down, and a lot of dirt was being moved. A few hundred feet into the wood was a partly uncovered stone tower the men were digging out. But none of the worker remember working on it. It only took two more days to find that the lumber baron was using magic to wipe the workers memories, and he was selling the items he took from the tower. The lumber baron’s death ending the spell. The chaos, from the returning memories of the workers, gave her time to take a few items. One of them was the horn.

This went on for a few years till one day while drinking in a bar someone tainted her mead. That last thing she seen was a middle age man smiling and his words. “thank you kindly for holding on to this for me.” When she awake she found the only thing missing was the horn.

After speaking to a few connects, she “joined” the Harpers. They had some jobs that she would be useful in and offered to help find the old man in exchange. After working with them for a year, she was contented that a man fitting her description was seen west of Yartar. After tracking him to Triboar she was contacted again by a fellow harper cell asking her to look for a lost caravan.

Hoping she would find the old man along the ways she headed south to westbridge.



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