Elemental Evil

Prologue to Kimi

Kimi tired of the relaxed life of singing songs and walking the woods. As soon as she could she left the home of her youth and went into the wider world. Her keen mind enabled her to “find” ways to sustain herself. Sometimes things stolen need to be found and returned for a price. Other times the items needed to be stolen before anyone would pay for its return. Sometimes a very not liked boss would end up dead. Then she was paid by the ex-workers and what she found after his/her untimely death. Some items gained a peculiar value to her: so she kept them. Her most prized one was what she believed was a fake Unacorn horn (not a fake).

She “found” the horn after coming upon an odd lumber camp. Sneaking around she found few trees were being cut down, and a lot of dirt was being moved. A few hundred feet into the wood was a partly uncovered stone tower the men were digging out. But none of the worker remember working on it. It only took two more days to find that the lumber baron was using magic to wipe the workers memories, and he was selling the items he took from the tower. The lumber baron’s death ending the spell. The chaos, from the returning memories of the workers, gave her time to take a few items. One of them was the horn.

This went on for a few years till one day while drinking in a bar someone tainted her mead. That last thing she seen was a middle age man smiling and his words. “thank you kindly for holding on to this for me.” When she awake she found the only thing missing was the horn.

After speaking to a few connects, she “joined” the Harpers. They had some jobs that she would be useful in and offered to help find the old man in exchange. After working with them for a year, she was contented that a man fitting her description was seen west of Yartar. After tracking him to Triboar she was contacted again by a fellow harper cell asking her to look for a lost caravan.

Hoping she would find the old man along the ways she headed south to westbridge.

Prologue to Aarron

Aarron was always one of the larger boys growing up, but chose to use his size to help the smaller children in his village. Life was pretty good, for living in a farming village. Long days, short nights, and never enough time to get all of the chores done.

That all changed when the recruiters came to his village one spring morning. They were good at their jobs, they put such images of glory in his mind that he couldn’t wait to sign up, and left with them that same day to join the army.

Life in the infantry wasn’t exactly glorious, but it was better then farming. Over the years, he became much stronger and his martial skills soon surpassed all of his teachers expectations. He was given command of a squad, and continued to impress his officers.

Soon after that a small war broke out, and his company was sent to the front line. His squad was given the task of defending a small village back from the main line. Garrison duty was boring, and his men were getting restless, so Aarron had them start building defenses around the village.

It’s a good thing he did, because a company of enemy infantry slipped behind the main army, and came straight toward the village looking for some quick looting. One of the village boys saw them coming and sounded the alarm. Along with a number of the villagers, Aarron and his men prepared to defend the small village.

With the aid of the defenses, they were able to push back the enemy force, and they retreated into the coming dusk. Not content with this minor victory, Aarron led his men, and most of the villagers out after the beaten enemy. They found the enemy camp, and launched a surprise attack that wiped them out. Aarron took the enemy banner as a souvenir, and marched his men back to the village.

When word of the victory made its way up the command chain, Aarron was promoted and given command of a company of infantry. There were several skirmishes, but Aarron’s men missed most of it. They finally got their chance, when they were included in an attack. The battle was going well, until his men got separated from the main force. Well that is a story for another time. All that is important is that his career in the army was over after that, and he began wandering aimlessly. This brought him to a small town near the mountains looking for work. This was where he heard about a lost caravan, and thought there might be a chance for adventure, and pay, here.

(Sorry for all of the typos and poor grammar, I original wrote this on my smart phone. It’s much better now)

Prologue to Desh

After creating a pact with a mysterious being from beyond the stars and receiving a magical grimoire, Desh sought new purpose and found interest in studying with others of his kind. He wandered to the city of Phlan just West of the cite where he had performed his pact ritual wherein there was civil unrest throughout the city at this time. The controlling guilds fought with both swords and politics for monetary gain and produced an atmosphere of distrust. Using his invisibility spell, Desh begins to search for an inn to spend the night and after a couple hours of searching he finds an establishment called, “The Dark Nook” There he spends his coin for a meal and a room for the night. He promptly finishes his meal and heads to his room to contemplate his new found power and to rest before he searches for a circle of warlocks or guild to join. Just before falling asleep he hears a knock at the door and a muffled whispering voice say, “Quickly, let me in… ill pay you 15 gold pieces, quickly!” Desh quickly decides to use Mage hand on the door knob to open the door and pull the cloaked figure inside and shut the door then casts invisibility on this strange person he foolishly decided to trust for a mere 15 gold pieces. Just after returning to bed you hear footsteps of heavily armored figures Run by and then back again only to bash the door down, instantly 2 large human men come in with huge cast iron maces at hand actively search your room. They eye Desh for a moment then about the room and grunt then as quickly as they barged in, they left. Moments later The currently invisible figured knocks Desh out. As he looses consciousness the figure becomes visible and pulls its hood back to reveal a half-elf female. Desh awakens to find himself chained to a wall of a jail cell with the unnamed Half-Elf sitting outside of his cell. Desh yells, “Who are you and why have you knocked me out and imprisoned me in this cell!” The Half-Elf responds, “You’d trust an unknown voice for 15 gold? Not very smart” Desh responds, “You had a pretty voice… usually pretty voices come with a pretty face… although I have been wrong in the past…” The Half-Elf laughs loudly at the comment and still half laughing says, “I like you, plus you saved me the trouble of killing those guards chasing me….” Now with a serious look in her eye and lower tone continues to say “Tell you what… If you join under me in the Zhentarim order as an agent of the Black Network I shall spare your life and give your life purpose. What do you say, fire boy?” Desh thinks for a moment with his eyes closed and sees within his minds eye the same eyes he saw as a child and not long ago during his ritual and says with a confidant voice “Yes, I’ll join as long as I only take orders from you and no ones else, the thought of having to be at the mercy of more than one person does not sit well with me…” With the same sinister laughter, the Half-Elf relaxes and with wide eyes says, “Very well, fire boy, you are now my agent and as it happens I already have a mission for you. we have a vested interest in happenings in the Dessarin Valley.” while explaining The Half-Elf unshackles Desh and hands him his gear back, 15 gold missing, and returns him to the surface in Zhentil Keep where She explains is a major base of operations for the Zhentarim. “By the way my name is… Tesha, yes we will go with that…. your mission is to report what you encounter in the area to me through various agents and to complete any missions I give you.” Without a moment more she hands him identification documents that outline a completely separate identity that look completely real and officially made as well as a map as to navigate to his base of operations, Red Larch. "At the outskirts of the keep, Tesha says to Desh " Do not dare try and cross me, remember… I spared your life because I like you… dont make me come after you, ill do more than knock you out if it comes to it." And onward Desh walks to Red Larch, slightly light headed with all that has transpired.

Prolouge to Faust

Faust was always a studious one. Ever since he was young he enjoyed school, if only to learn more and more. It was no surprise when he enrolled in the vaunted Academy to pursue his studies of the arcane and the mysteries of the multiverse. It is at the Academy that Faust met his mentor and friend, Morjin. Together these two would continue to delve deeper into the hidden secrets within the Acadamy’s archive. It was within the deepest and dustiest corners of the archive that Faust and Morjin discovered what should have lied forgotten. An ancient tome with secrets that would rewrite history. While discussing their findings, they decided they should hide the text and its knowledge, but whispers of their discovery had already been making its rounds within the Academies halls. The headmaster demanded to see the text, but the two claimed they had destroyed it. Angered for both hiding the secrets and supposedly destroying ancient knowledge, they were both excommunicated from the Academy. No sooner had they begun to distance themselves from the Academy, that a group of assassins were sent to dispatch them both. In a desperate struggle, Faust was able to escape only with the sacrifice of his friend. Morjin had also left Faust a letter, questioning why someone would leave such terrible secrets to be found. Faust now wonders, to protect the ancient text, find out its terrible origins for he and his friends sake, and to always grow his knowledge of the arcane and the multiverse. It is in his wanderings that he joined with the Harpers, who shared his ideals and allowed him to pursue his own path. Now, with news from the Harpers, he seeks to find the missing Historian, who became lost as a part of a delegation near Beliard. Ever willing to expand his influence in the Harpers to gain more knowledge and contacts, he strives forward.


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