The year is 1491 DR, the Year of the Scarlet Witch

The town of Red Larch, is a small settlement on the western side of the Dessarin Valley. Strange rumors and ominous signs have the townsfolk concerned, including reports of bandit attacks on the roads, piracy on the Dessarin River, and monster sightings too close to town. But the mystery that has keen observers of the region most concerned is the disappearance of a delegation traveling overland from Westbridge to Beliard. The delegation stopped in the tiny village of Beliard, where the members mentioned their intent to visit sacred dwarven sites. They were last seen on the road heading west, turning south to proceed overland through the heart of the Sumber Hills. It has now been almost a month, and the delegation never showed up at any other outpost.

Powerful factions have good reason to worry about the missing delegation. The Harpers are concerned about a noted dwarf historian who was part of the delegation. The Emerald Enclave wants to know what happened to a pouch of magical seeds one of the delegation members was bringing to Goldenfields. Even the Zhentarim are interested in trying to improve their relations with Mirabar by helping to solve the mystery.

Elemental Evil

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