Falgor Firebeard

Dwarven Drunk, I mean Hunter


Adventurer for hire,

Falgor Firebeard
Adventurer, Smasher of things, and sometimes a Drunk.

Heyo, looking for someone to join up with you or hire out? Well come find me at Fin’s Tavern.
I stand about yay high, and about yay around. Oh right you can’t see me. …

Well, I suppose I am tall for a dwarf, bout as round as most of them, and me Thick red beard is something that runs in the family, ‘cept grand-pap who lost his in the forge. but we don’t really talk about him too much.

If I were to classify my self as something I would say I am a hunter of orcs and goblins. Hate the green bastards. Although I have spent some time in da forge with me pop, I don’t see a future for myself there. I like to explore the world and break things that get in my way.. from doors to orcs… or golins.. did I mention I hate those?

If I were to sum my Ideals up… I’d Say live and let live, unless its green then prolly best to just kill it. esspecialy if its an orc.. or a goblin. I really don’t think its too much to ask. I mean even back when i was a Standard bearer for the army I disliked orcs… and goblins, but it was back on that faithful day that I really started to hate them.

Since then, and my my honourable discharge (apparently dropping the standard to kill orcs tells the higher up that our squadron has fallen…) I have spent some time Exploring the caves around me home, killing stuff that gets in my way, or breaking stuff… It helps being a blacksmith’s son, cause when I don’t find an orc to kill I might find some ore i can pawn off on pop for some ale. But it gets risky going at it alone, and I figure finding a good group of like minded people may help me smash a few more heads, get rich.. and hell If we kill an orc or two along the way, Great! or a goblin, I’ll be happy killin those too!.


Falgor Firebeard

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