Aarron was always one of the larger boys growing up, but chose to use his size to help the smaller children in his village. Life was pretty good, for living in a farming village. Long days, short nights, and never enough time to get all of the chores done.

That all changed when the recruiters came to his village one spring morning. They were good at their jobs, they put such images of glory in his mind that he couldn’t wait to sign up, and left with them that same day to join the army.

Life in the infantry wasn’t exactly glorious, but it was better then farming. Over the years, he became much stronger and his martial skills soon surpassed all of his teachers expectations. He was given command of a squad, and continued to impress his officers.

Soon after that a small war broke out, and his company was sent to the front line. His squad was given the task of defending a small village back from the main line. Garrison duty was boring, and his men were getting restless, so Aarron had them start building defenses around the village.

It’s a good thing he did, because a company of enemy infantry slipped behind the main army, and came straight toward the village looking for some quick looting. One of the village boys saw them coming and sounded the alarm. Along with a number of the villagers, Aarron and his men prepared to defend the small village.

With the aid of the defenses, they were able to push back the enemy force, and they retreated into the coming dusk. Not content with this minor victory, Aarron led his men, and most of the villagers out after the beaten enemy. They found the enemy camp, and launched a surprise attack that wiped them out. Aarron took the enemy banner as a souvenir, and marched his men back to the village.

When word of the victory made its way up the command chain, Aarron was promoted and given command of a company of infantry. There were several skirmishes, but Aarron’s men missed most of it. They finally got their chance, when they were included in an attack. The battle was going well, until his men got separated from the main force. Well that is a story for another time. All that is important is that his career in the army was over after that, and he began wandering aimlessly. This brought him to a small town near the mountains looking for work. This was where he heard about a lost caravan, and thought there might be a chance for adventure, and pay, here.


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